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Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, Shifan Town Lake Park Village Jade Lake Road




About us

Zhejiang Jianan Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the East China Sea coast, the beautiful Yandang foot, is a professional production and development of automobile lamp accessory products (connect the wiring harness, switch, adjustable light motor) of private enterprises. Company advocates people-oriented, pay attention to the new product development and investment in science and technology, the use of modern enterprise management mode of operation, the enterprise always in the leading position in the industry. The company spirit of "quality first, customer satisfaction" business philosophy and dedication, pragmatic, hard work enterprise spirit of excellence, continuous improvement and perfection, to provide reliable quality and credibility of the guarantee for the user. Company will to institutionalized management as the guide, recruit talent, with advanced production equipment and sophisticated technology, technology research and development as a leader, using modern information technology to customer demand as the goal, synchronization to promote market at home and abroad, to provide satisfactory products and service to our customers.


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